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Our team handles all the details needed to transform construction plans into real structures.

Our team handles all the details needed to transform construction plans into real structures.
Budgeting | Procurement | Quality assurance | Safety | Field supervision

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General Contractor & Management

At O&O LLC, we understand the building blocks for a successful project. Ensuring that construction projects have the best foundation possible guarantees its success.
Our pre-construction service offers site feasibility studies, materials counseling, planning and budget development.

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Pre-Construction Planning

We enjoy a challenge, whether it be in a commercial, residential, or governmental setting, our construction projects are known for the quality of the finished product.

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Commercial & Residential Construction

If your site needs significant improvements, O&O LLC can manage the construction.

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Site & Infrastructure Improvements

O&P LLC can manage all the requirements for a construction project, including drainage, surfaces, driveways, utility terminals and property lines.

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Site Development

Our team is prepared to take on the construction or renovation of any type of building.

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New Building, Facades and Renovations

We are prepared to start the entirety of the construction project. This offers several considerable advantages over traditional contracting. We can offer a single source of responsibility for the project, total quality assurance, faster occupancy, and a dedicated team.

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Design Build Solutions

Complete Project Scheduling
Quality Assurance Control
Safety Protocols
Compliance Assessments
Painting & Waterproofing.

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Other services include:

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I23891: Site Preparation Contractor
23713: Construction of electricity and telecommunications trans-mission lines
23731: Road, highway and bridge construction
23799: Other heavy construction and civil engineering works
ASG: 201800124
Duns: 080981097
Cage: 80HTR5
EIN: 660-887164
Number of Employees: 45
Bonding Capacity: 10 MM on aggregate contracts and 5 MM for a single contract

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